War Diary: Who Wants the Casinos in Venice?

In the early days, the crates of the City of Venice were being redeemed by the receipts of the City Casino.

casino di venezia7Until a few years ago, the budgets of the City of Venice were made largely on the basis of the receipts (and therefore the tax revenue) of the two game houses in Venice: Ca ‘Vendramin Calergi on the Lagoon and Ca’ Noghera on the mainland.

But the economic crisis in recent years has unfortunately dramatically marked the incomes of the two casinos, forcing the administrators of the two rooms to review their policies to try a relaunch plan.

Publicly questioned about the matter, mayor of Venice Giorgio Orsoni pointed his finger at those who played casinos irresponsibly claiming that “in the past, too many times the casino was used as a cash machine, and many cash flowed into the cash box Communal companies came back with recapitalization of the company “and hoping at the same time a sudden change of direction.

The change, for the time being, should take place with the privatization of Ca ‘Vendramin and Ca’ Noghera, since the sale of the two Casinos would allow the City to breathe a sigh of relief thanks to the entry of a decent sum in municipal funds Along with the prospect of a relaunch plan that can bring a world-class attraction like Venetian casinos to (almost) forgotten splendor.

The privatization issue will be, however, to agree on the unions representing the 606 employees who are being threatened by new decisions.

The unions have already written a letter to the mayor expressing the fundamental concept: “It can not be sold to the private.”

Who wants to buy Venice?

Interested in the acquisition of gambling houses, meanwhile, would be international companies such as Caesars Entertainment and the owner of the Cannes playroom headed by Frenchman Dominique Barriere, the most talented man in the gaming industry. In the last few days, it seems that the thing is starting to tease some in Russia – even though, in this case, investors seem to be determined to remain in the total anonymity.

As for Mayor Orsoni, on privatization, he seems to prefer to find industrial partners rather than investment funds interested only in capital: “Entrepreneurship, in addition to an economic contribution, could give an international breakthrough to our gambling houses. I am convinced that, in the state of things, even improving its management, ours would have a provincial casino. While Venice deserves much more, “said the mayor.