Zynga Announces Her New Online Casino

Zynga Announces Her New Online Casino

With the arrival of Zynga Casino and Zynga Bingo, the company is even more tied to gambling. With a surprise amara for Facebook

Having kept a relatively low profile for some time – presumably due to the disasters linked to the security of its poker platform – the motherboard of all social games comes back to the scene with the introduction of a number of new products to expand into Significantly its virtual playground.

Zynga Bingo and Zynga Casino: The Gamble Wins Always

casino onlineAfter building a real empire in the online world thanks to the incredible success of titles such as FarmVille, CityVille and Zynga Poker – the software house is backed up and back with titles worthy of such illustrious predecessors.

Launched during an international event organized in San Francisco in the new headquarters of the company just two days ago, the new games were presented as a result of very serious market analysis and, therefore, as keys to ensure Zynga’s prosperity so as to bring it up in ‘Olympus of the most important network companies.

Zynga CEO named Hidden Chronicles (a hidden object game), CastleVille (a medieval revision of FarmVille), and a highly-selected list of lenders, industry journalists and super geek, , A Dream Zoo (a game that allows you to collect exotic animals by building your own zoo and announcing that it will soon be available for iOS), FarmVille Express (a kind of light version of Farmville built in HTML5) and a Mafia Wars version IOS call Mafia Wars Shakedown .

With the clear intention not to abandon the gambling industry that he did so thanks to the success of poker on Facebook, Zynga also announced the upcoming opening of Zynga Bingo and Zynga Casino – two “social” solutions that should allow Their players live the entire experience today offered by the best online casinos by sharing their fun with their “friends” in the social network.

The two titles that propose to relaunch Zynga’s image in gambling have been presented by Genral Manager of the company, Laurence Toney, who explained how these two new arrivals are destined to create a brand new virtual Vegas that everyone Players will have the opportunity to share with their friends.

The Casino Attack Part of a New Platform

Another great news announced during the same event and, if possible, to leave an even bigger sign in the future of Zynga than they can do new titles is the next launch of a brand new proprietary gaming platform. Zynga is completely independent of the major source of “social games” traffic: Facebook.

“It seemed to me inevitable that sooner or later they would go to a proprietary platform,” said the New York Times author of the book, “The Lean Startup,” Eric Ries, confirming Zynga Mark Pincus CEO’s words that he had announced the approach of This very important passage.

By pushing on Facebook, Zynga will immediately have the opportunity to avoid the tough conditions imposed by Mark Zuckerberg‘s multi-millionaire company by maximizing profits and getting ready to start far more defined relationships with the hundreds of thousands of players who enjoy daily with their titles.

It is not negligible, then, that starting a platform and leaving the “protective shell” of Facebook at the very moment of the launch of its brand new and privately-owned online casinos , it might even think of the next birth of a real giant Of the online gambling with an offer that includes poker, bingo and all casino games and a composite pool – already at the time of its departure, by an impressive number of subscribers.

In short, the online casino war can be said open. Good fun.

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